More Transactions



Increase Sales Across the Board


emebaVet has proven time and time again to have the power to lift sales and increase transactions of all products and services available in the veterinary practice. We have research showing increases in product sales ranging from 22% to an amazing 1500% for a dental product! But in almost every single case where a product or service is featured on the emebaVet screen in the waiting room the transactions in that item go up significantly.


You're a Doctor, not a Salesperson


Lets face it. Selling is an integral part of the successful veterinary practice. Doctors tell us one of the best benefits they get from the emebaVet system is  that it helps to remove them from the role of salesperson and lets them practice medicine. Clients come into the exam room already educated about products and services and the caregiver can concentrate on answering questions and delivering recommendations.