How it works


The emebaVet system consists of special emebaPlayer that attaches to any flat panel TV. The emebaPlayer is connected to existing broadband (DSL,Cable,T1,etc) at the hospital and then is remotely controlled from the emebaVet Network Operations Center. This allows us to deliver high definition programming specific to your hospital. The connection requires no special IT involvement and uses very little bandwidth. With optional distribution equipment the signal can be delivered to as many rooms as you desire. You can have  the emebaVet channel in your waiting area and all your exam rooms at no increased  fee!

The basic subscription cost is $149.00 a month.  There is a one-time $600.00 set-up fee** that covers the cost of initial custom programming for your hospital. We send you paperwork that asks for information about your hospital, staff, services, equipment, what type of products you support and the ones you don't. We then have our creative design team  create a custom design for your emebaVet system. We will use your existing web site to get started then help you gather more info for you screen. Updates are accomplished anytime you want and all it takes is a call or an email from you or designated staff.

For installations that require extra equipment, please call and we will gladly help you work out a budget and assist you with installation and equipment.


**Subscription fee includes installation support, telephone technical support and changes, edits, additions and deletions to your emebaVet content each month.